Exploring Childbirth and New Parent Consulting

Fee $50. 

Special intro fee of $50.00/hour. Set up a one on one consult with Shelly (in person or face time), you will receive personalized, one on one, unbiased help to navigate ALL your questions and explore your options. Receive a confidential written, editable document after our meeting, no further obligations.

Where you want to give birth? Hospital, birth center, or home? Do you want a Midwife, OBGyn, or a doula? Wondering what kind of childbirth education model suits your style? Online classes, Bradley, or Lamaze? Natural or not (and what does that even mean)? VBAC? Planned Cesarean? What should you include in your birth plan? Comfort measures. Delayed cord clamping. Newborn testing. Cloth diapers or disposables? Breastfeed, bottle feed, or both? Baby Registry -Gah, what do you actually need vs. want? So many options. Let's talk and figure out what works for YOU!

all supplies and personalized casting (there are several variations you could choose), me coming to your home and leaving the plaster cast with you for safe keeping. You can decorate (once dry) at your leisure or leave it pure and simple. 

Assistance coming soon:

  • Baby registry assist list, and direct links to products

  • Shelly's trusted evidence-based research sites and favorite must-have birthy/new mom things!

  • Local resources and recommendations

  • Educational videos you can watch in your own time. 

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Three location options:

  • Massage Bliss 610 Adams St. Toledo, Ohio  

  • 5166 Monroe St #302, Toledo, Ohio

  • Old West End - Home Office (Established Clients)

(419) 699-2279

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