Supportive Childbirth Education

& New Parent Consulting


Customized Childbirth Preparation Classes: 

Customez classes will cover the basics of labor, birth, and postpartum. 

Ask questions you have about your personal circumstances, expectations, fears, or concerns. No matter what kind of birth you are planning, or if you’re a 1st, 2nd, or 6th-time mom -I’ve got you covered. Let's talk and figure out what works for YOU!

  • Where you want to give birth? Hospital, birth center, or home?

  • Do you want a Midwife, ObGyn, Doula support? 

  • What kind of childbirth education model suits your style?

  • Natural birth vs. unmedicated birth -what does that really mean?

  • VBAC? Planned Cesarean?

  • What should you include in your birth plan?

  • Comfort measures & pain relief options

  • Partner preparation

  • Prepare for unexpected complications 

  • Delayed cord clamping 

  • Newborn testing

  • Cloth diapers or disposables?

  • Breastfeed, bottle feed, or both?

  • Baby Registry -Gah, what do you actually need vs. want?

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Three location options:

  • Massage Bliss 610 Adams St. Toledo, Ohio  

  • 5166 Monroe St #302, Toledo, Ohio

  • Old West End - Home Office (Established Clients)

(419) 699-2279