Energy Healing

...when you need a little time for yourself

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Energy healing sessions 

60 minutes $85.00

Integrate with a massage session

90 minutes for $120.00

How Energy Healing Works

Our body is made of many parts... these include biological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual parts. 

A typical session begins with connecting your conscious awareness and creating a safe place to release or shift energetic vibrations that may be inhibiting your health and well-being. Gentle shifts will create healing, manifesting, and transformation on all levels. By focusing on integrating all the systems and parts of ourselves we heal very quickly. Once those energy levels have shifted, we can anchor that in at a deep cellular level and you will begin to rapidly see and feel changes to reflect your energetic shift.

Learn to embrace what you already know. “Yes girl, you already have the power to step into greatness, to heal yourself, and others. This is our divine gift.”

Many years ago I suffered a series of very traumatic events. I was gifted with an opportunity to step into my own power... it was an awakening. This gift continues to present itself each and every day. And.... my friends, here’s the thing, “Stepping in” is not just a one and done experience. We must consciously and intentionally honor our experiences, recognize barriers (self-imposed or otherwise), and align with the light of love and peace that guides us into being. It really isn’t just that one day, that one time, or that series of trauma that presented you access to “the gift”. Those events are simply an opportunity to see what’s always been with you. You may see a door or a window, one that seemingly appears out of nowhere... it has always been there. Its there right now. It’s an invitation to step into your divine energy, your highest self, your power. We all have access to “step in” but sometimes we need a little support, and a little guidance to get there.


I sit in gratitude for all that we have been, all that we are, and all that we shall be. If you feel called to work with me, I would be honored to support you.

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