Midwife Assistant

Service area covers Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan (1hr radius from Toledo, Ohio)

Shelly is a versatile and indispensable member of a midwifery team ---supportimg midwives and families during, and after labor through mastery of essential skills: childbirth education, neonatal resuscitation, basic life support, and basic lactation support.

Certified Midwife's Assistant (see credentials here)
Fee: $350 per birth, $30 per prenatal visit (when requested)

As a midwifery assistant, I work alongside community midwives to care for clients while giving birth at home or in a birth center.

***Note: birth assistant skills are not the same as a midwife apprentice or student role; while I am a midwifery student that role is specific and separate to working under an approved preceptor. Please inquire if you have questions about expectations for my role as a birth assistant. Shelly has complete a comprehensive training program preparing her to work alongside midwives working in the home or birth center setting

As a certified birth assistant, my role is first to assist the midwife (responding to and anticipating the midwife's needs), to serve as a second pair of hands. Assisting may come in many ways to include setting up the birth supplies, monitoring birthing person and baby’s vital signs; assisting the midwife with various procedures such as immediate postpartum lactation/breastfeeding support, postpartum care after the birth, support to the midwife during potential emergencies that may arise, clean up of birth space and supplies.

  •  What can you expect:

1. Understand the ethics, personal, and social issues as they apply to clients and midwives within the midwifery model of care.

2. Understand the requirements of the midwife's assistant, prepare and carry a Midwife's Assistant Birth Bag. 

3. Oriented on the basics of being a competent assistant to the midwife during prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care.

4. Have an understanding of the role of the midwife's assistant in various common emergency situations and how to assist the primary midwife to manage them safely. Certifications are current for newborn or maternal resuscitation.

6. Setting up supplies needed for the birth setting: set up a sterile field for supplies, birth pool set up and takedown, cleaning of the birth pool, cleaning of all equipment, follow universal precautions. 

7. Set up supplies for the primary midwife to perform cervical exams, IV placement, suturing, newborn exam, placenta exam, and postpartum exams

7. Paper charting and electronic charting using Mobile Midwife 

8. Understand the theory and procedure of the following general skills:

a. Maternal temperature assessment

b. Maternal pulse

c. Maternal respiratory assessment

d. Use of stethoscope

e. Maternal blood pressure

f. Use of fetoscope or Doppler

g. Leopold’s maneuvers

h. Fundal height measurement

i. Fetal heart rate normal and abnormal

j. Newborn temperature assessment

k. Newborn pulse

l. Respiratory and cardiac assessment of the newborn

n. Hand washing

o. Gloving and ungloving

p. Sterile technique

q. Sterilization of instruments

r. Standard precautions

s. Adult and infant CPR and NRP

t. Basic treatment of shock

u. Oxygen set-up

v. Administration of oxygen to the mother

w. Maternal and newborn intramuscular injection​

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Three location options:

  • Massage Bliss 610 Adams St. Toledo, Ohio  

  • 5166 Monroe St #302, Toledo, Ohio

  • Old West End - Home Office (Established Clients)

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