Myofascial Release

Derived from the Latin words "myo" - meaning muscle, and "fascia" - for band; myofascial release therapy releases tension from the fibrous bands of connective tissue (fascia). Myofascial release therapy aims to free constrictions or blockages in the fascia, thereby alleviating problems with connective tissue scarring, injury and postural distortions. Disruptions of the fascial network are freed and tension on bones, muscles, joints and nerves is relieved. Ultimately, myofascial release restores complete balance back to the body.

People suffering from postural distortions and/or repetitive strain patterns are the one's who will be helped the most by Myofascial Release. Here are some issues that can be helped with MFR: scoliosis, kyphosis, lumbardosis, forward head posture, pelvic tilt, chronic back pain, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, pregnancy (pre and post-natal), menstrual problems, incontinence, tennis or golfer's elbow, shin splints, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, whiplash injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Some other conditions that can be helped:

  • Fibromyalgia - a condition that causes widespread muscle and soft tissue pain, tenderness and fatigue.

  • Whiplash - a series of injuries that may occur with hypertension and hyperflexion of the cervical muscles. Some of theses injuries may include sprained ligaments, strained muscles, misaligned vertebrae, TMJ problems, and central nervous system damage.

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - a set of symptoms brought about by the entrapment of the median nerve between the carpel bones of the wrist.

What will a MFR session be like for me?

Myofascial release therapy utilizes gentle manipulation that slowly stretches, softens, lengthens and realigns fascia. The work itself is performed skin to skin, without oils or cream, it is slow, gentle and requires a lot of focus. After careful observation of ones posture, a myofascial release therapist will feel for stressed areas of the body. When restricted areas are found, gentle stretches will be applied in the direction of the muscle fibers, stretching one body part away from another. This stretch is held for a couple of minutes until a softening or release is felt. The direction and duration of a single stretch can vary and may last several minutes. In addition to the obvious sensation of being stretched, the client may feel warmth, tingling or a burning sensation when a release occurs.

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