Top five questions I am usually asked in a doula consult.

I get this question all the time "what is a doula consult?". Also commonly asked, "do I have to pay for it?" The short answer is "No, you do not pay for the consult". The consult is free, it is a scheduled meeting. We schedule 15 minutes or so to get to know if we are a good fit for each other. By the way, this is a two sided question... you are trying to decide if you want to hire me and I am also interviewing you to see if I am the best doula for you. If not, I may have someone else I could refer you too. I believe in having a strong support system of fellow doula's, and we often refer to one another (or back each other up at births). If you have interviewed more than one doula in your area, chances are we know each other.

Also, since the COVID-19 Pandemic has hit us, all of my current consults are scheduled online using my professional Zoom account, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. Once the initial consult has concluded I may send you an email with my contract. If upon reviewing, you want to hire me, then we would schedule a longer, 50-60 minute meeting to dive deeper into your preferences and expectations about your birth.

Now, back to the topic at hand. The top five questions we cover in a consult usually go something like this:

#1 What is your availability for my estimated due date?

#2 What services do you offer or what is included in your doula packages?

#2 What are your fees and payment plan options?

#3 Do you accept insurance?

#4 Can you come to my home, the hospital or both?

#5 What is your experience (how many births have you attended).

So, those are examples of a few questions that are usually touched on right off the bat. We will likely discuss way more than that in an interview that is likely to end up with you hiring me, but we still keep the meeting to about 15 minutes. Getting to know each other is important and I am willing to invest that time in you. I also recognize that your choice may be based on several factors. Trust me, I get it and I am willing to admit that I wish people could hire me just because they think I am super cool, knowledgeable, experienced, and I vibe with you. But perhaps you do not have the privilege to hire me just because you like me and we connect on a deep soul level. Hiring based on our connection is important but it may not be your priority. Price point is priority for many and is often a big part of the decision making factor for many people, and is often one of the first topics covered. I understand this 100%. I encourage you to ask your most important questions right away, don't shy away from asking about money or any other type of question you have. I support you -That's what doula's do!

For more information or to schedule a consult visit my web page at Check out the childbirth education classes offered as well as the other services I offer. You do not have to hire me as your doula for us to work together ;-)

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