Your individual healing session will last approximately 60 minutes, Fee: $80.00

Reiki is ancient laying-on of hands healing technique. The energy of Reiki will restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and soul. The peaceful, loving energy offers will bring you a deep sense of peace, wholeness and well being. 

The Japanese word "Reiki" roughly translates to "universal life force energy." This is the energy that surrounds and infuses everything in the universe. Every person alive is able to channel Life Force Energy, referred to as Prana, Chi, Ki. Due to the unique attunement process in Reiki, the Reiki practitioner is able to channel the healing energy in extremely powerful ways. Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy. Therefore Reiki guides itself with its own wisdom, rather than requiring the direction of the practitioner.

Reiki has several other distinct features. During a treatment, the practitioner experiences "hot" - their hands actually become extremely hot and the client can feel the heat. In addition, the symbols used by the practitioner address healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Reiki energy has consciousness, so it is self-directing and balancing. It is infinitely creative and combines well with all other modalities and activities. Reiki energy does not travel from the client to the practitioner - thus it provides protection for the practitioner.

Reiki has been known to relieve pain and acute problems quite rapidly; whereas, chronic illnesses have been known to take a number of sessions depending on the specific nature of the disease. Whatever manifests in the physical body is a symptom of the disorder that is going on in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. By working on all of these levels, Reiki honors the natural ecology of the body. Reiki goes beyond the symptoms to treat the root cause of the illness. When we treat only the physical symptoms, we will not get to the true nature of the disease.

Reiki can accelerate healing, assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages and help the client contact the "healer within".

Anyone can learn to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of life by learning Reiki, or by receiving Reiki treatments. I highly recommend adding Reiki treatments as part of your daily self care plan.

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