Virtual Doula Services

Due to hospital policies limiting the number of support people able to attend to the laboring person, birth doulas are offering virtual support services. Virtual support can be of great benefit to patients and hospital staff. We recognize that nurses may be stretched to support more than one laboring person at a time, or some patients may not have any support at all.


Our intention is to establish a connection that offers safety and support for all.


  • What is Virtual Doula Support

    • Doulas will provide continuous support through video conference calls. Some clients will prefer to stay connected through the entire labor and delivery process, while others might need to call/check-in as needed

    • Doulas are not medical professionals, they are trained professionals who provide support, education, and guidance to people during pregnancy, birth, and immediate postpartum.

  • What we hope to do

    • Offer continual support/continuity of care

    • Provide suggestions for positioning, comfort measures, relaxation, coping skills

    • Provide reminders about rest, hydration and nutrition

    • Guide the partner through hands-on bodywork 

  • What our limitations are, and what we cannot do

    • Film or record 

    • Speak on behalf of our client

    • Provide medical/clinical advice

  • What would be helpful from the staff

    • Introductions when new people enter the room

    • Introductions of staff at shift change

  • Acknowledgment of patient privacy protection 

    • Virtual doulas acknowledge the importance to abide by HIPAA (though not a legal requirement for Doula Support) to protect patient privacy and maintain confidentiality

  • Please share with administration, director of nursing, charge nurse, staff

Virtual Support Fees & Services: $700 (Payment plans available) 

Whether you don’t have access to Birth Doulas in your area or you and your partner want your birth to be intimate and limit the number of people in attendance, our Virtual Birth Doula services can help support, encourage and guide you and your partner! We can help educate you on your choices and also help guide you during your labor and birth and the first 2 weeks of your postpartum period.

Birth Doula package includes:

  • Free 20 minute initial consultation 

  • 2, virtual, scheduled prenatal meetings via Google hangout, Zoom, FaceTime phone chat

    • Discuss all options available to you during your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum 

    • Custom birth plan (with editable doc)

    • Partner preparedness

    • Basic pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, lactation/infant feeding, parenting education, and support

  • Unlimited e-mail and text support with any questions regarding your labor and birth experience from the time of hire through six weeks postpartum 

  • 24/7 on-call virtual support from the time of signed contract until your baby is born

    • All relative labor and birth support (answer questions and help to decide when it is time to go to your hospital or birth center, navigate challenges, decisions, partner support via text, call or video chat is also available if you prefer)

  • 2  postpartum virtual meetings to talk through birth story and ask postpartum questions that you may have

A La Carte Support Services:

If you would rather have someone you can call on to ask specific questions ----opt for the A La Carte Virtual Support Services.

These calls are scheduled and will cover specific topics you would like to discuss. 

Services Include guidance with common pregnancy-related symptoms, birth planning, labor and birth options, induction options just to name a few! So many things we can talk about! All information is evidence-based and follows evidence-informed protocols.


  • In-home labor support: $200 (for those living in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan area (within 45 min from Toledo, Ohio)

  • One 30-minute call: $45

  • One 60-minute call: $80

  • Three 60-minute calls: $225

  • Six 60-minute calls: $435


Virtual Postpartum Support Services:

Services include breastfeeding/chest feeding, lactation, comfort measures, cloth diapering guidance, baby-wearing support, referrals, and more!
  • One 30-minute call: $45

  • One 60-minute call: $80

  • Three 60 minute call Package: $225

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